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Introducing Social Fork.

Your go-to guide for the best experiences every city has to offer in dining, drinks, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, fitness and more.

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    Our Story

    We're a wild bunch. Wild about food, wine, cocktails, music, friends, and living every moment of our lives to the fullest.

    At Social Fork, our goal is to change the way you plan your life's adventures, in a uniquely entertaining and visual way. A video city guide designed to entertain and inspire, helping you discover new experiences every time you venture out.

    Best of all, its totally FREE - no fees, no signups, no credit card needed.

    If Netflix and Yelp had a love child – it would look exactly like us.

    Video is Eating the World!

    Why a video city guide? That's easy, because everyone loves video! We love to consume it, share it, and be part of it.

    Collectively, we spend 100+ million hours watching online videos every day. Video accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic, and while viewers retain approximately 10% of the messages they read, they retain 95% of the messages they watch in video.

    Everything is about to change.


    Our Shows

    A full slate of original shows designed to entertain and inspire. Our talented team of lifestyle experts will take you inside the hottest trending concepts for food, cocktails, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, fitness and more.

    All episodes are 4-minutes or less, fun, edgy, entertaining, and easy to consume on your mobile device any moment in your day.

    With new content added daily - well keep you connected to the city, and our user community.

    Original Unscripted Entertainment

    Our appetite for creating content goes beyond just inspiring your social adventures. We are developing a full slate of original unscripted programming with fun, innovative storylines that are uniquely connected to your city.

    Our upcoming original series include Scottsdale, Future Trophy Wives, The Perfect Catch, and Marjahone on the Street.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Social Fork?

    Social Fork is a video city guide designed to help you discover new experiences each time you venture out. We create video content to showcase the hottest trending options for food, cocktails, nightlife, shopping, fitness and more.

    What kind of content does Social Fork create?

    We create short form videos - developed into unique show formats to help you discover new adventures each time you venture out.

    Each show is created to showcase a specific segment of the city. Looking for brunch options? Brunch Bunny features the hottest trending brunch and day drinking spots across the city providing weekly inspiration for brunch ideas. Each episode is 4-minutes or less, shot onsite across the city with new episodes produced each week.

    Best of all, we have more than (30) new shows in development covering food, cocktails, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, and more.

    How much does Social Fork cost?

    Social Fork is a free, sponsor supported platform. No credit card needed and no membership fees involved.

    Where can I watch?

    Watch anywhere, anytime, on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Sign in with your Social Fork account to watch instantly on the web at or download our mobile apps (available for both iOS and Android).

    Is Social Fork for all ages?

    Social Fork is designed for 21+ years of age and older.

    How can I host a show on Social Fork?

    We are always looking for new talent! If you're interested in hosting a show or joining our team - please contact our casting agency at