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Changing the way people connect with their city - in a uniquely entertaining and visual way.

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Our Story

We’re a passionate bunch. Passionate about food, wine, cocktails, knives, fire, music, friends, and the incredible energy created when they are all mixed together. The idea for Social Fork was born from these ingredients, along with a desire to entertain, innovate and inspire.

At Social Fork, we’re going to change the way people connect with the city, in a uniquely entertaining and visual way. A next generation city guide, built on 100% original video content, designed to help users unlock their city and elevate their social lives.

Simply put – it's Entertainment that Guides You.

The best ideas are the ones we’re passionate about.

A new segment in entertainment, designed to showcase the best experiences every city has to offer.


Our Content

Game changing content designed to help our community explore the city as never before. A full slate of original shows designed to showcase the best experiences every city has to offer in food, cocktails, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, fitness and more.

All episodes are 4-minutes or less, fun, edgy, entertaining, relevant, and shot onsite across the city to capture the energy that makes each city unique.

Our Community

We’ll connect members to a like-minded community seeking out the best experiences every city has to offer. Through invite-only events and brand partnerships, our community will always be on the forefront of industry and gatherings.

Whether it’s early morning rooftop yoga, weekly happy hour, or an evening runway show, our community events will cater to the bold and adventurous.

After all, chance favors those in motion.

Our Promise

We are a community on a journey that will be defined by our experiences and the people we meet along the way. As such, we value the background, culture, personal history, and beliefs of every individual.

No politics, no conflict, no user reviews, and no negativity: instead, we promise to focus on creating opportunities to develop friendships, share experiences, and celebrate the very spirit of mankind.

Eat Well
Drink Generously
& Always Rock On

Apply for Our Beta

We are preparing to conduct a closed beta market test in the Phoenix area. Apply here for your invitation.

Submit your information.

    • What is the Beta Program?The Beta Program will provide a select group of individuals the opportunity to preview content, discuss show concepts, and review the design of our upcoming platforms.
    • Who can apply for our Beta Program?The Beta Program is open to local residents who are at least 21+ years of age.
    • Why should I participate in the Beta Program?Your feedback matters. As with any beta, its a work in progress and we hope you will join us for this exclusive opportunity to discuss our business model.
    • Do I get compensated for participating in the Beta Program?Beta Program participants receive no compensation, but those who complete the program will receive "Founders Club" status that will include special benefits.