Meet the Team

Meet the incredible talent behind Social Fork.

Kevin Wilkey


Isabella Wilkey

Casting & Communications
Seekr Agency LLC

Dante Walker

Production Manager

Kelly Gannon

Series Producer / Show Host
My Dogs Story, Coca-Cola Diaries

Chandler Holsapple

Late Night Talk

Brittany Rizzuto

AirBnB Arizona & Weekend Getaway

Jasmin Kate

Hot Property

DJ Jen Jones

Night Ranger

Madison Wayne

Culinary Therapy

Bree Usie

Thirsty as F**k

Katri Morrison

City Lust

Nadia Rose

Future Trophy Wives

Lida Orr

Chef Driven

Kait Nielson

The Perfect Catch

Becka Murphy

Tacos & Tequila

Amber Fessette

Nurse Hollywood

Taelin Goethe

Valley Girl Weekends

Marjahone Twitty

Marjahone on the Street

Farah Besharat

Pop Chatter

Leah Jablonski

Body Quest

Ariel Carillo

DTL - Down to Lunch

Lambo James


Abby Wilson


Ashley Sierra

AZ Influencer

Justine Lugo

Sound Bites & PHX Music News